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Adjetives to describe people – character – intellectual and social abilities

Describing people: Character I
Level: Upper-Intermediate.

Intellectual ability
Ability: intelligent, bright, clever, smart, shrewd, able, gifted, talented, brainy.

Lacking ability: stupid, foolish, half-witted, simple, silly, brainless, daft, dumb.

Attitudes towards life
Looking on either the bright or the black side of the things: optimistic, pessimistic.

Outward looking or inward looking: extroverted, introverted.

Calm or not calm with regard to attitude to life: relaxed, tense.

Practical, not dreamy in approach to life: sensible, down-to-earth.

Feeling things very intensely: sensitive.

Attitudes towards other people
Enjoying others’ company: sociable, gregarious.

Disagreeing with others: quarrelsome, argumentative.

Taking pleasure in others’ pain: cruel, sadistic.

Relaxed in attitude to self and others: easy-going, even-tempered.

Not polite to others: impolite, rude, ill-mannered, discourteous.

Telling the truth to others: honest, trustworthy, reliable, sincere.

Unhappy if others have what one does not have oneself: jealous, envious.